How Much Do Armored Truck Drivers Make?

Many people are curious about the salaries of armored truck drivers, and it is an essential consideration for those interested in this career field. The average salary for armored truck drivers in the US ranges from $19,114 to $505,549, with a median salary of $91,386. The middle 57% of armored truck drivers make between $91,386 and $214,920. New Jersey is the highest-paying state for this occupation, with an average salary of $505,549.


Being an Armored Truck Driver: A High-Stakes Job

Armored truck driving is a high-stakes and critical job, as the drivers are responsible for the safety of the people and property they transport. They must remain alert and capable of handling any situation that may arise. Armored truck driving may be ideal for those seeking an exciting and rewarding career.

Special Training Requirements for Armored Truck Drivers

To become an armored truck driver, you must possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. Additionally, you will need to pass a background check and drug test. Some companies may require you to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), but this is only sometimes necessary.

While some companies offer on-the-job training, others require formal classroom instruction. Regardless, you must learn about different vehicle types, their operation, various security devices, and their proper usage.

Working Hours for Armored Truck Drivers

Armored truck driver work hours can vary depending on the company and route assigned. Some companies may require longer hours, while others offer more flexible schedules. Generally, armored truck drivers work long hours and must be available for early mornings, late nights, and weekends. Despite the demands, the job can be rewarding.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Armored Truck Driver?

As an armored truck driver, there are several benefits to enjoy, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacation days. Additionally, the job comes with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping keep people and property safe.

Becoming an armored truck driver may be a great option if you seek a fulfilling and exciting career. With excellent pay and benefits, it is a profession that can be truly enjoyable.

What Are the Dangers Faced by Armored Truck Drivers?

Armored truck drivers face several dangers despite the good salary and excellent benefits. They are at risk of being attacked by criminals since they transport valuables. Moreover, armored truck drivers must remain alert to potential hazards on the road to avoid accidents and keep people and property safe.

How Much Money Do Most Armored Trucks Carry?

Armored trucks transport large sums of money, valuables, and other items that need protection from theft or damage. Although the amount of money an armored truck can carry varies depending on the truck’s size and the security measures, most trucks can carry between $2 million and $5 million.

While some trucks may carry more money, it is optional since most banks and financial institutions have insurance policies that cover losses up to $5 million. Consequently, most armored truck companies keep their vehicles below this limit to minimize the risk of loss. Though there are some exceptions, such as when a truck carries gold or other precious metals, most armored trucks have relatively small amounts of money compared to their overall capacity.

How Much Money Is Usually in a Brinks Truck?

A Brinks truck is an armored vehicle used to transport large amounts of money. The average amount of money in a Brinks truck is $500,000. However, the sum can range from $10,000 to $1 billion, depending on the money’s destination and the route’s security. The more secure the route and the more valuable the destination, the more money the truck will carry.

Where Do Armored Trucks Get Their Money?

Armored trucks get their money from various sources. Banks are the most common source of funds for armored trucks, loading them with cash, coins, and other valuables that must be transported to another location. Other sources include casinos, jewelry stores, and private individuals.


Being an armored truck driver can be a rewarding career despite the long hours worked. Alongside health insurance and paid vacation days, you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping keep people and property safe. Becoming an armored truck driver may be the right choice if you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling career.

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