How Much Do Walmart Truck Drivers Make?

Walmart is one of the world’s largest corporations, relying on a vast fleet of trucks to transport its products. As such, many people wonder about Walmart truck drivers’ salaries, hours, benefits, and responsibilities. This post will answer some of the most common questions about Walmart truck driving jobs.


Salary of Walmart Truck Drivers

In general, Walmart truck drivers earn a salary of around $90,000 per year. However, this figure can vary depending on experience and location. Some Walmart truck drivers make as much as $100,000 per year. Overall, Walmart truck drivers enjoy a good salary and benefits package.

Hours Worked by Walmart Truck Drivers

Walmart truck drivers typically work between eight and ten hours per day. They do not have split days off; instead, they work consecutive days with a regular schedule, which allows them to plan their time off in advance. They also enjoy paid vacation days and holidays, contributing to a good work-life balance.

Fuel Costs for Walmart Truck Drivers

Walmart provides its truck drivers with fuel cards that can be used to purchase gas at any Walmart location. This system ensures drivers do not worry about reimbursing fuel expenses or budgeting. Additionally, Walmart receives bulk discounts from significant gas suppliers, meaning drivers save money on fuel purchases.

Benefits of Working as a Walmart Truck Driver

Becoming a Walmart truck driver makes you eligible for various benefits, including 401K, medical, and dental coverage. You also receive life insurance and short-term disability coverage. Walmart drivers can earn up to four paid safety days per year and 21 days of paid time off in their first year of employment.

Responsibilities of Walmart Truck Drivers

As one of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart relies on a large fleet of trucks to transport goods from suppliers to its stores. While you might think that Walmart truck drivers are responsible for unloading their trucks, this is untrue. Walmart drivers deliver their loads to Walmart facilities, where other associates unload the merchandise.

This arrangement helps reduce delays, as drivers do not have to wait for their turn to use the unloading dock. It is also safer, as unloading a truck can be dangerous, and it is best left to trained professionals. Finally, it is more convenient for Walmart drivers, who can park in safe, well-lit parking lots while their loads are unloaded.

What Is the Starting Salary for Walmart Truck Drivers?

Walmart truck drivers earn a starting salary of $41,000 per year, slightly higher than the average starting salary for truck drivers of $39,000 per year. In addition to their salary, Walmart drivers receive several benefits, including paid time off, 401K, medical and dental benefits, life insurance, and short-term disability coverage.

If you seek a stable job with good pay and benefits, consider becoming a Walmart truck driver. You’ll be responsible for transporting goods from suppliers to Walmart stores. With a starting salary of $41,000 annually, you’ll also receive several significant benefits.

Do Walmart Truck Drivers Sleep in Their Trucks?

Many Walmart truck drivers sleep in their trucks for various reasons. Some may do it to save money on hotel costs, while others may prefer the comfort of their space. For some drivers, sleeping in their trucks is a necessary part of the job, particularly for long-distance trips. Although it is expected, sleeping in a truck can be quite uncomfortable due to hard seats, a cramped cab, engine noise, and other vehicles on the road. As a result, many drivers try to make their trucks more comfortable for sleeping by adding special mattresses or pillows.


Walmart truck drivers have an essential role in the company’s supply chain. They transport goods from suppliers to Walmart stores and receive a starting salary of $41,000 annually and several benefits, such as paid time off, 401K, medical and dental benefits, and more. If you’re seeking a stable job with good pay and benefits, becoming a Walmart truck driver is an excellent option, but be prepared to sleep in your truck, which can be potentially uncomfortable.

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