Is Armored Truck Money Traceable?

Armored trucks are traceable as they transport large sums of cash and other valuables. Two people drive the truck, accompanied by a security guard for every stop. The vehicle records details such as the amount of money picked up or dropped off and the time and location of each stop. This information tracks the money and ensures it arrives safely at its destination. Moreover, a counting machine is always used whenever money is picked up or dropped off.


Where Do Armored Trucks Take the Money?

Armored trucks primarily transport money between banks, ATM locations, and businesses. They also transport cash to and from concerts or sporting events. Private security companies typically own and operate armored trucks. Upon arrival at the destination, the money is unloaded and taken inside for counting and sorting. Subsequently, it is deposited into the appropriate account. In most cases, the cash picked up by an armored truck will be deposited into a storage area at the destination, usually located in a secure location.

Do Armored Trucks Have GPS Trackers?

Armored trucks have security features such as reinforced doors and windows and typically travel in convoys with armed guards. However, despite these precautions, thieves occasionally target them. Armored trucks have GPS tracking devices installed to counter this threat. Usually, the robbers are unaware that the truck is equipped with a tracker or that they are being followed. As a result, the authorities can often recover the stolen money before the thieves can spend it.

How Much Cash Can an Armored Truck Hold?

The amount of cash an armored truck can hold varies depending on the truck’s size and the installed security features. For instance, some armored trucks have special compartments containing large amounts of gold or silver. Typically, an armored truck can hold up to $40 million.

Why Do Armored Trucks Have Two Drivers?

Armored trucks have two drivers for efficiency and security purposes. The presence of a second driver makes it harder for criminals to hijack the truck, thereby increasing the vehicle’s safety.

How Often Do Armored Trucks Get Rob?

Although armored truck robberies do occur, they are relatively infrequent. Experienced criminals who meticulously plan their attacks usually carry out these thefts. These organized and coordinated attacks often involve multiple offenders, making them difficult for authorities to investigate and solve.

What Happens if an Armored Truck Is Robbed?

If an armored truck is robbed, the safety of the drivers and guards is the top priority. The next step is to recover the stolen money. Since robbers rarely have time to count the money, it can be challenging to determine the exact amount stolen. The security company owning the armored truck usually works with the authorities to investigate the robbery and track the perpetrators. A reward may also be offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the crime.


Suppose you need to transport a significant amount of money. In that case, an armored truck provides reliable security features, such as reinforced doors and windows, tracking devices, and armed guards. Nevertheless, armored trucks are still vulnerable to robbery, albeit infrequently. In the event of a theft, the safety of the drivers and guards takes priority, followed by efforts to recover the stolen money.

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