Are UPS Trucks Air-conditioned?

On a hot summer day, while running errands, one may spot a parked UPS truck and wonder if it is air-conditioned. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, there are ways UPS drivers can stay cool while working in the summer heat. These methods include wearing loose, light-colored clothing, drinking plenty of water, and taking breaks in the shade.

UPS trucks are not equipped with air conditioning for several reasons:

  1. The air-conditioning unit would add unnecessary weight to the vehicle since UPS trucks are loaded and unloaded by hand.
  2. Air conditioning uses a lot of energy, which increases fuel costs.
  3. Since UPS trucks make several daily stops, the air-conditioner would add time to each delivery. The driver would have to wait for the truck to cool down before loading and unloading packages.

One advantage that compensates for the lack of air-conditioning in UPS trucks is their well-ventilated design. UPS trucks have large windows that can be opened to let in fresh air and vents near the truck’s ceiling to help circulate the air.


Why Do UPS Trucks Have No Doors?

Another question people often have about UPS trucks is why they have no doors. The answer is two-fold. Firstly, not having doors helps with fuel efficiency since it saves weight. Secondly, it makes the loading and unloading process faster, which is crucial given the tight delivery schedules that UPS drivers operate on.

Why Do UPS Trucks Have White Roofs?

One may have also noticed that UPS trucks always have white roofs. This is because white reflects sunlight and helps keep the truck cooler inside, benefiting the driver and the delivered packages.

What’s Inside a UPS Truck?

UPS trucks are not just simple delivery vehicles but relatively high-tech machines equipped with various equipment to make package delivery more efficient and reliable. Each truck is fitted with an onboard computer to help the driver plan the most efficient route and keep track of all the packages in the truck. GPS tracking is also used to keep track of each truck in the fleet, allowing UPS to respond quickly if there is a delay or problem.

Is It True That UPS Drivers Never Turn Left?

Indeed, UPS drivers never turn left whenever possible. This policy saves millions of gallons of fuel each year and reduces emissions. While left-hand turns may sometimes be unavoidable, drivers are generally instructed to stick to right turns when planning their routes, reducing UPS’s environmental impact and fuel costs.

Why Do UPS Drivers Wear Shorts?

UPS drivers cover a lot of ground daily and are constantly moving. It can be challenging to stay cool in long pants in hot weather. Therefore, wearing shorts helps UPS drivers remain comfortable and efficient. While some may assume that UPS drivers wear shorts for fashion, functionality is their primary goal. Industrial athletes require uniforms that won’t hinder their performance and will enable them to perform at their best. Thus, wearing shorts allows UPS drivers to remain relaxed, comfortable, and focused on delivering packages on time.

What Kind of Truck Does UPS Use?

UPS trucks are easily recognizable with their distinct brown color and boxy shape. These trucks are crucial for delivering packages to homes and businesses worldwide. Most UPS trucks are made by the Freightliner company, specifically designed for package delivery, with several features that make them well-suited.

For instance, the trucks have a low center of gravity to prevent tipping, and hydraulic lifts make loading and unloading packages easy. Moreover, UPS trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices to enable drivers to find the best route to their destination. As a result, Freightliner trucks are an integral part of the UPS delivery fleet.

Are UPS Trucks Electric?

Many companies, including UPS, seek ways to electrify their fleets as the world aims to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. The company has been experimenting with electric trucks for over a decade. However, UPS has discovered that more than electric trucks are needed. The trucks are expensive, require much maintenance, have a shorter range than diesel trucks, and take longer to recharge. Therefore, UPS has decided to continue using diesel trucks for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the company continues experimenting with electric trucks, hoping to electrify its fleet someday.


UPS trucks are a critical part of the company’s delivery fleet, with the Freightliner truck being the primary vehicle used. UPS drivers are instructed to make right-hand turns whenever possible to save the company millions of gallons of fuel each year and reduce emissions.

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