The Sprinter Van: A Versatile and Convenient Option for Small Businesses

The Sprinter Van is a versatile and reliable vehicle that can meet various transportation needs. Whether you need a reliable delivery service or an efficient way to transport passengers, the Sprinter Van can provide unparalleled versatility due to its expansive interior space and cargo capacity. With its appealing style, excellent functionality, and outstanding performance, it has become an increasingly popular option for commercial and recreational purposes.


Body Styles and Four-Wheel Drive Options

When choosing the right vehicle, the Sprinter Van offers a variety of body styles and four-wheel drive options to fit your specific needs. The rear-wheel drive provides strong performance, enhanced mobility, and excellent traction, making it the most versatile choice. The 4×4 4WD version provides optimal strength in rugged terrain, making it perfect for off-road or traversing complex work sites. On the other hand, the front-wheel drive version offers high maneuverability and better fuel efficiency, allowing operators to navigate tight spaces while keeping costs down.

Different Body Styles Available for the Sprinter Van

The Sprinter van comes in various body styles, each with unique features and advantages. Here are some details on the different types available:

Sprinter Cargo Van: This body style is ideal for those seeking a powerful and reliable full-size van with impressive cargo space and two-wheelbase options to accommodate different payloads. Its wide range of amenities makes it perfect for passengers needing extra space. However, one potential drawback is the lack of windows, meaning drivers must open the doors to check on cargo and people inside.

Sprinter Crew Van: It is an excellent option for those needing space to transport more than one person. Its interior offers extra seating and a comfortable ride for multiple passengers with its 53-inch wide cabin and convenient slide-door entrance. It is also perfect for large teams of contractors or small groups of adventurers traveling together. However, it has a slightly limited cargo capacity due to its larger passenger size, so it might be better for those who prioritize transporting people overhauling cargo.

Sprinter Cab Chassis: It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a blank canvas to construct the passenger van or cargo-hauling van of your dreams. Since this van has no body style, you can customize it to suit your needs and include all the essential features for your racing, off-roading, or everyday driving needs. While this allows for flexibility and personalization, there’s more work needed upfront since you’ll be responsible for building the body from scratch. This van can also be a great choice if you want to convert your existing vehicle, as conversion kits are available. However, novice mechanics might have better options, given the extra time and effort required during assembly.

Sprinter Passenger Van: This offers seating for up to 12 passengers, making it the ideal choice for larger groups. Its cargo capacity is also impressive, providing plenty of room for valuable items that must be transported. While this van style is perfect for most driver purposes, including business trips, family vacations, and more, it may not be the best fit for highway travel as its bulky shape can cause difficulty merging lanes when there’s traffic.

Lengths and Heights

One of the Sprinter van’s most remarkable features, compared to other vehicles in its class, is the breadth of length options available. The L1, L2, L3, and L4 versions are all possibilities for anyone purchasing a Sprinter van. Each version offers something special – the extra short L1 version is easy to maneuver and park, while the L4 (the longest) has ample room for passengers or cargo.

Deciding on the length and height of a van is crucial when it comes to achieving the right balance of interior space and cargo storage. The classic 144-inch standard version offers 67.7 inches in height and sufficient interior space for daily tasks. For those needing greater cargo loading capacity, the 144-inch high roof version can increase its height to 79.1 inches.

Those looking for maximum capacity should consider the 170-inch high roof option, which also offers a standing height of 79.1 inches, allowing for improved payloads and headroom within the vehicle. No matter your size, these vans deliver an optimal balance between interior comfort, cargo handling ability, and accessibility to all areas of your van.

Specific Dimensions

The 170 Sprinter Van is versatile, combining dimensions that make it spacious and easy to maneuver. Its overall height of 107.3 inches ensures the driver can still fit in underground parking or subways while boasting an overall length of 274.3 inches and a cargo bed length of 173.6 inches.

This makes the 170 Sprinter Van well suited to packing large amounts of goods while maintaining small-scale travel capability with its wheelbase at 170 inches and an overall width of 92.3 inches, including mirrors. This van is ideal for business fleets and those often on long drives who prefer luxury and convenience. Compared to the 2020 and 2021 models, the Sprinter Van has increased in width by over two inches and gained an extra four to five inches of length.

Benefits of Sprinter Vans for Small Businesses

In addition to transportation, Sprinter vans provide many valuable benefits that can help small businesses thrive. Due to their spacious cabins and high payload capacities, they serve as excellent foundations for developing a business. Proper customization and engineering can turn them into mobile offices or stores on wheels, loaded with equipment, marketing materials, and products for sale.

The versatility of these vehicles also allows entrepreneurs to maximize their time spent on road trips and even travel with passengers or staff members when working off-site. Small business owners will not have any difficulty loading or unloading cargo with their two available payloads—up to 4,442 pounds in the 2500 series models and up to 4,620 pounds in the 3500 series models.

Finally, Sprinter vans present an excellent opportunity for businesses to improve their marketing and branding efforts by leveraging the expansive side panels and back of the vehicle as an advertising platform. The vans’ large windows offer visibility even at night, allowing them to display logos, messaging, and contact information more effectively than traditional billboard ads.

Final Thoughts

Sprinter vans are an excellent choice for small businesses to expand their reach, transport goods or services, and advertise their business identity. With their ample cargo capacity and customizable features, these vans offer an optimal balance between interior comfort, cargo handling ability, and accessibility, making them suitable for any situation.

Plenty of resources are available if you want to discover more about Sprinter vans or are considering purchasing one for your business needs or personal use. You can find detailed reviews and comparisons between models online to help you determine which size is best suited for your needs. With this guide in mind, you can rest assured that you will have no trouble meeting your transportation requirements.



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