Why Do Trucks Need to Make Wide Right Turns

Large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, can be challenging to navigate on the highway. To ensure safety, it is essential to understand why they make wide right turns and the potential dangers of sharp turns.


Truck Turning Radius

Trucks need to do so in a much wider radius than cars when making a right turn due to how their trailers are attached to the cab. The entire rig has to swing out wide to make a turn, as the trailers cannot pivot like the cab. This can be dangerous for other vehicles, so knowing the truck’s turning radius is crucial when driving near them. By understanding how trucks maneuver, drivers can help keep everyone safe.

Right-Turn Squeeze

When truck drivers swing out into the left lane to provide extra room for a sharp right-hand turn, they might accidentally cause a right-turn squeeze crash. This happens when the truck leaves excessive space between the curb, forcing other vehicles to swerve around it. Drivers should know this potential danger and exercise caution when making sharp turns. Thus, understanding why trucks must make wide right turns can help drivers avoid accidents.

Stretching Trucks

Truck drivers stretch their trucks to distribute the weight evenly, improving stability and better weight distribution. A longer wheelbase provides more space between the front and rear axles, allowing drivers to haul heavier loads without sacrificing safety. While stretching a truck may require an initial investment, it ultimately benefits those who regularly carry heavy loads.

Passing Large Vehicles

Drivers should give themselves plenty of space when passing a large vehicle. Large vehicles take much longer to come to a stop, and they often have large blind spots, making it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles. It is always best to err on caution when passing a large vehicle on the highway.

Turning Trucks

When a truck makes a right turn, drivers should keep their trailers close to the right side to prevent vehicles behind them from passing on the right. It is also essential to signal the intention to turn well in advance, giving ample time for other cars to slow down or change lanes. These simple guidelines help maintain a safe and seamless turn for all vehicles.

Cutting off Large Vehicles

Large vehicles have more prominent blind spots, making it difficult for drivers to see the road ahead and react to traffic or other obstructions. As a result, cutting off a large vehicle is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. If a driver finds themselves in front of a large vehicle, they should give them plenty of space to prevent an accident.

Speeding up When Passing a Truck

It is essential to resist the urge to speed up and pass a large vehicle as soon as possible. Drivers should take a moment to come to a complete stop behind the vehicle, assess the situation, and make sure it is safe to pass. When passing a large vehicle, it is also essential to avoid lingering near its bumper to stay out of its blind spot. Finally, always proceed ahead of a large vehicle on the left side after passing it to minimize the risk of being rear-ended.


Large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, require extra caution when driving on the road due to their size and maneuverability. By understanding their unique features, drivers can help ensure a safe and smooth journey for everyone. Simple guidelines such as giving plenty of space when passing a large vehicle, avoiding cutting them off, and being aware of their turning radius can go a long way in preventing accidents.

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