Why Are Some FedEx Trucks Different Colors?

Have you ever wondered why FedEx trucks are different colors? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this decision and other interesting facts about the company.


Different Colored Trucks for Different Purposes

FedEx has three main divisions, each with its purpose and fleet of trucks. FedEx Express, the orange trucks, and planes deliver next-day air by 10:30 am, noon, or 3:00 pm. The green trucks, FedEx Ground & Home Delivery, handles ground transportation and home deliveries. And finally, FedEx Freight uses red semi-trucks for freight transportation, which generally involves delivering commercial cargo that is too large or heavy for the other services.

Why Some FedEx Trucks are Green and Purple

You may have noticed that some of FedEx’s trucks are green and purple. These colors were introduced in the late 1990s when FedEx diversified beyond express business into trucking-only offerings. For example, the domestic parcel delivery company FedEx Ground’s logo is purple and green, while the less-than-truckload company FedEx Freight is purple and red.

The Official FedEx Colors

The official FedEx truck colors are FedEx Purple and FedEx Orange. An older color scheme also included light platinum, light gray, green, blue, red, yellow, gray, black, and white. The current color palette is much more limited but still provides a striking range of colors that can be used for various purposes.

What is a “Master” in FedEx?

In shipping, the term “master” refers to the main tracking number associated with a group of shipments. The master tracking number is typically assigned to the group’s first shipment and is passed on to each subsequent shipment. This allows all shipments to be tracked together under a single number.

The FedEx logo contains a hidden meaning. According to legend, the owner of FedEx snuck an arrow between the E and X in the logo to show his obsession with moving forward. He also snuck a measuring spoon in the tail of the “e” to reflect the company’s dedication to tracking everything.

Why Federal Express?

Federal Express began operations in 1971 with a fleet of 14 small aircraft. In 1973, the company’s air division was renamed Federal Express to reflect the company’s commitment to quality and speed.

Reliability of FedEx Trucks

FedEx has one of the best on-time delivery records in the shipping industry, delivering 99.37% of its packages on time. This impressive record is one of the reasons why FedEx is a popular and reliable shipping company.


Whether you’re shipping a single package or a large group of packages, understanding the concept of master tracking numbers and the different colored trucks of FedEx can help you keep track of your shipments and ensure they arrive safely at their destination. With a solid on-time delivery record and a global network of locations, FedEx is a reliable shipping company that you can trust.

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