Why Are Moving Trucks So Expensive?

When it comes to moving, one of the most significant expenses is renting a moving truck. However, the reason why moving trucks is so expensive is due to several factors. This article will explore why renting a moving truck can be costly and compare two popular options: Penske and Budget.


Factors Contributing to the Cost of Renting a Moving Truck

Moving trucks must be spacious enough to fit all your belongings, making them larger than regular cars and using more fuel. Additionally, driving them requires more skill, and the demand for moving trucks increases during peak moving seasons, leading to higher prices.

Why Are Penske Trucks More Expensive Than U-Haul Trucks?

Penske trucks are well-maintained and offer a smooth ride, even when fully loaded. The company also offers an unlimited mileage option, saving you money if you plan a long-distance move. The upfront cost of renting a Penske truck may be higher than that of a U-Haul truck. Still, the overall cost may be lower when factoring in the truck’s quality and the unlimited mileage.

Why Is It So Expensive To Move Out of California?

The high cost of housing and taxes are the main factors contributing to California’s high cost of living. Home prices have doubled or even tripled in some areas, and rents have skyrocketed. As a result, many residents may find moving out of the state as the only way to afford living there.

Why Is U-Haul More Expensive in California?

The high demand for U-Haul trucks in California, driven by the state’s large population and vibrant economy, results in higher rental rates. However, booking in advance or selecting a less popular move-in date can help Californians save on their U-Haul rental.

Penske vs. Budget: Which Is Better?

Penske and Budget are two of the US’s most popular moving truck rental companies. While both offer similar services, Penske has a broader selection of trucks and more positive customer reviews. However, if you’re on a tight budget, a Budget may be a good option.

Why Are Some Penske Trucks White?

The choice of white for Penske trucks is based on sound business reasoning. White trucks have a higher resale value, are cooler in the summer, and are less likely to show dirt and grime. While choosing white has some drawbacks, the benefits outweigh the negatives for many trucking companies.


Renting a moving truck can be a significant expense. Still, with careful planning and research, it is possible to keep costs under control. Knowing the factors contributing to the cost of renting a moving truck and comparing different rental companies can help you find the best option for your Budget.

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