Where To Sell Hess Trucks?

If you’re looking to sell your Hess trucks, you can go to various places, but choosing the right platform can make all the difference. In this post, we’ll discuss the best places to sell your Hess trucks and provide tips to help you get the most money for them.

One of the best places to sell Hess trucks is through online auctions. Although there are different auction sites, eBay is the most popular. To make the most of this platform, take clear and well-lit photos of your Hess trucks and write detailed descriptions that include unique features and the trucks’ condition.

Online forums and communities dedicated to Hess trucks are also excellent platforms to sell your trucks. These sites offer you the chance to reach collectors who are constantly searching for new additions to their collections. When trading through these platforms, being honest about your truck’s condition and providing quality photos is crucial.

Lastly, you can sell your Hess trucks on classified sites to reach a broader audience. However, it’s important to be wary of scams on these sites. To make a sale, you must take clear and well-lit photos and provide detailed descriptions of your trucks.


What are Hess Trucks?

Hess trucks are a line of toy trucks produced by the Hess Corporation since 1964. Depending on their condition and features, these trucks are highly collectible and can be worth the money. If you have any Hess trucks you no longer want, check out the options above to get the most money for them.

What Inspired Hess Trucks?

In the early 1960s, Leon Hess was inspired by a truck he saw while driving across the country. The truck had a simple design and was very efficient. Leon Hess decided to create a toy version of this truck, and the first Hess truck was born.

The first Hess truck was released in 1964 and featured a simple design and a few basic features. Over the years, Hess trucks have evolved, and now there are many different designs and features. Some popular Hess trucks include the Hess Fire Truck, Hess Rescue Truck, and Hess Race Car.

How Much Are Hess Trucks Worth?

Depending on their condition and features, Hess trucks can be worth the money. The most valuable Hess trucks are those in mint condition with all their original parts, selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you have a Hess truck that needs to be in mint condition, it can still fetch some money. These trucks usually sell for less than $100, but the exact amount depends on their condition and features.

Collectors are always looking for new additions to their Hess truck collections, so there’s always a market for these toys. By using the right platforms to sell them and providing quality descriptions and photos, you’re sure to get the most money for your Hess trucks.

Are There Real Hess Trucks?

In 1964, the Hess Company began producing miniature replicas of their trucks as giveaways to customers. The first tanker truck sold for $1.39 in 1964 and is now valued at nearly $2,500. The 2014 model was the final Hess Truck sold at gas stations before the company transitioned to Speedway. While many people enjoy collecting these trucks, some may wonder if any actual Hess trucks exist.

Although the company does not sell any full-sized trucks, they have a fleet of vehicles used for promotional purposes and events. These trucks are typically larger than the replicas sold in stores and are adorned with lights and other decorations. In recent years, Hess has auctioned off a few promotional trucks for charity, making owning a piece of Hess’s history possible. However, these trucks are not street-legal and cannot be driven on public roads.

Are Hess Trucks Popular?

Hess trucks are popular among collectors and transportation enthusiasts due to their unique design and high level of detail. The trucks have a lengthy history, which adds to their appeal. If you’re considering starting a Hess truck collection, explore the options above to find the best place to buy or sell these trucks.

How Much Is the First Hess Truck Worth?

The first Hess Toy Truck was released in 1964 and sold for $1.39. Today, it is valued at nearly $2,500, making it highly collectible. A new design is released each year, making the previous year’s truck more valuable. The first truck is the most valuable because it is the rarest. If you are fortunate enough to own one of these trucks, it is worth keeping, as it may increase in value over time.


While Hess trucks are not real, they remain popular among collectors and transportation enthusiasts. Collecting these trucks can be a fun way to show your love for all things transportation, and the highly detailed replicas make great gifts for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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