What Time Do Garbage Trucks Come in the Morning?

Many people wonder about the schedule of garbage trucks in their neighborhoods. This blog post will answer common questions about the garbage truck schedule.


Why Do Garbage Men Start So Early?

Sanitation workers usually begin their routes early to avoid traffic and to work in more comfortable temperatures. During the summer, the heat can make it difficult to work during the day.

What Time Do Garbage Trucks Come in the Morning?

Garbage trucks usually start their routes between 4–5 am. However, this can vary depending on the company and the route. Some companies begin as early as 2–3 am.

Do Garbage Men Work on Weekends?

Sanitation workers typically work Monday through Friday, with some routes operating on Saturday mornings. However, most garbage companies do not work on Sundays.

Do You Tip Garbage Men?

While tipping is not required, it is always a nice gesture to tip your sanitation worker. If you have a regular driver who comes to your house every week, consider giving them a small bonus during the holidays or when they do something special for you.

Do Garbage Men Work on Holidays?

Sanitation workers only work on major holidays such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, or Thanksgiving. However, they may work on some holidays, such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. It is important to note that even though sanitation workers may not be working on a particular holiday, trash will still need to be put out on the curb.

How Long Are Garbage Truck Shifts?

Garbage truck shifts are usually around eight hours long. Some companies may have longer or shorter shifts depending on their needs.

What Happens If I Miss the Garbage Truck?

If you miss the garbage truck, your trash will not be picked up until the next day. It is essential to ensure your waste is out on the curb before the truck arrives.

What Kind of Truck Do Garbage Men Use?

Sanitation workers typically use a large truck specifically designed for picking up trash. The truck’s size will vary depending on the company and the route.

Do Garbage Men Get Paid Overtime?

Sanitation workers usually do not get paid overtime since their shifts are generally only eight hours long. However, there are exceptions, and some companies may pay overtime if they work more than eight hours a day.

Are Garbage Trucks Sanitized?

Yes, garbage trucks are sanitized regularly to prevent the spread of diseases. Most companies use a special solution to kill bacteria; the trucks are also regularly power washed.

Do Garbage Men Work in All Weather Conditions?

Sanitation workers work in all weather conditions except for severe ones. If the weather is too dangerous, such as during a hurricane or a tornado, they will not work.

Do Garbage Men Work at Night?

Sanitation workers only sometimes work at night. However, some companies may have a night or 24-hour shifts depending on their needs.


Garbage trucks typically arrive early, often as early as 4 am. This timing allows most trash companies to complete their work before daytime traffic increases. If you miss the garbage truck, your trash will be collected the next day. Therefore, it’s essential to have your trash placed on the curb before the truck’s scheduled arrival.

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