What Is a Boom Truck?

Suppose you’re wondering what a boom truck is. In that case, it’s a vehicle for lifting and moving heavy objects in construction and demolition projects. Boom trucks can be mounted on a truck chassis or be self-propelled, and their versatility allows them to reach high places that other vehicles cannot. To find the best company to rent a boom truck from, it’s essential to do your research.


What is the Purpose of the Boom in a Truck?

Booms are long arms attached to trucks that can move materials around. They are commonly seen on construction sites and warehouses. They are used for retrieving items from high shelves or stacking materials in hard-to-reach places. While forklifts are used for elevating materials, booms come in handy when the shelf is too high for a forklift to reach. Booms are versatile tools that can make many tasks easier.

What’s the Difference Between a Boom and a Crane?

Although boom trucks and mobile cranes appear similar, they are different. Mobile cranes are purpose-built machines explicitly designed for lifting heavy loads. Boom trucks, on the other hand, are commercial trucks with hydraulic cranes mounted to their chassis, allowing operators to load and unload materials and equipment from their truck bed for optimized efficiency. While mobile cranes far exceed boom trucks in terms of lifting capacity, boom trucks can travel on public roads, whereas mobile cranes require specialized trailers.

What is a Boom Crane Used For?

Boom cranes are commonly used in construction and industrial settings to lift heavy loads and move construction materials, machinery, and shipping containers. In addition to their primary purpose, boom cranes can transport materials from one location to another, making them essential equipment in many industries.

How Big is a Boom Truck?

Boom trucks are available in various sizes and can be equipped with several attachments, making them ideal for many tasks in construction projects. On average, the reach of boom trucks is between 130 and 160 feet, with some models having a height capacity of close to 200 feet. The truck’s size can also vary greatly, with some models being compact enough to maneuver in tight spaces. In contrast, others require significant space to operate.

Why is it Called a Boom Truck?

Boom trucks have been around since the early days of the automotive industry, with John Loady’s company Loady Laundry in New York City being credited as the first to mount a crane on the back of a truck. This allowed him to quickly and easily load and unload his laundry sacks without damaging them, leading to the development of the boom truck as we know it today.

How Much Can a Boom Truck Lift?

Boom trucks are among the most versatile cranes available for heavy lifting. They have a hydraulic articulating arm that gives them a more extended reach and the ability to place loads at greater heights or distances from the centerline. However, boom trucks are generally maxed at 60 tons, making them less suitable for heavy lifts.


Boom trucks are essential for many industries due to their versatility and power. When looking for a boom truck, it’s necessary to choose the right size for the job and research to find the best company to rent from. While there may be better options for very heavy lifts, boom trucks can get most jobs done.

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