The Genesis of Genesis Cars: A Deep Dive into Hyundai’s Luxury Division

Genesis, the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai, is a relatively new player in the automotive industry. However, it has quickly established itself as a purveyor of precision-engineered vehicles that redefine sophistication and reliability. If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of Genesis cars, their ownership, and manufacturing locations, this comprehensive guide will satiate your curiosity.


The Genesis of Genesis

Genesis Motors, LLC., is a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group, making Hyundai the parent company of this luxury vehicle manufacturer. The idea of a luxury lineup under Hyundai was first whispered in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the first standalone models, the Genesis G80 and G90, graced the United States dealerships.

Who’s Behind Genesis?

The Hyundai Design Center team, responsible for the creation of Genesis models, comprises industry veterans with experience across a broad spectrum of car makes and models. This diverse range of creative expertise contributes to the boundary-pushing designs and innovations of Genesis Motors.

The Genesis Logo: A Symbol of Luxury

The Genesis logo has become a symbol of luxury not just in its home country, South Korea, but also in Fort Walton and around the world. It represents the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality, luxurious vehicles that stand out in the automotive market.

Where Are Genesis Cars Made?

Genesis luxury models are designed in Rüsselsheim, Germany, Namyang, South Korea, and Irvine, California in the United States. However, the production and manufacturing of these vehicles take place in Ulsan, South Korea.

Global Presence of Genesis

While Germany, Korea, and the United States are the primary locations for designing, producing, and manufacturing Genesis models, they are marketed, sold, and driven in many more places around the world. Marketing efforts are currently underway in South Korea, China, the Middle East, Russia, Canada, Australia, United States, with plans to expand into Europe and the rest of Asia.

Genesis: The Future of Luxury Vehicles

New and used Genesis luxury models present drivers with an exciting, upscale-unlike-any-other option to upgrade your daily drives. For more information about Genesis models and performance, safety, or current incentives, we welcome you to contact us today.


Genesis, though a relatively new entrant in the luxury vehicle market, has quickly made its mark with its high-quality, luxurious models. As a division of Hyundai, it leverages the parent company’s extensive experience and resources to create vehicles that are not just luxurious but also reliable and well-engineered. With its global presence and commitment to innovation, Genesis is a brand to watch in the luxury vehicle segment.

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