How to Tow a Car With a Truck

Towing a car with a truck can be necessary for various reasons. Whether you are moving or need to transport a broken-down vehicle, knowing how to do it safely and effectively is essential. This guide will provide tips on how to tow a car with a truck and information on specific scenarios, such as flat towing and all-wheel drive vehicles.


Hooking Up Your Truck to Your Car

You will need the right equipment to tow a car with a truck. This includes a set of tow straps or chains and, depending on the size of your vehicle, a dolly. Once you have all the necessary equipment, attach the tow straps or chains to the front and back of your car. Then, carefully drive your truck forward, pulling your car along. Be sure to go slowly around corners and avoid any bumps in the road.

Putting Your Car in Neutral When Towing

If your car is a front-wheel drive, putting it in neutral before towing is crucial. This is because all four wheels are on the ground, and there is no risk of transmission damage. If you have a manual car with a clutchless transmission, it is best to tow with the car running to prevent any damage to the transmission.

Towing an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

When towing an all-wheel-drive vehicle, lifting all four wheels off the ground is essential. If two wheels are on the ground while the other two are off, the transmission has to work harder to distribute power evenly, which can cause damage. Use a flatbed tow truck to pull the vehicle onto its flatbed, so its wheels do not spin during towing.

Flat Towing a Car with a Truck

When flat towing a car with a truck, ensure that the vehicle is in neutral to prevent transmission damage during the tow. Attach the tow strap or chain to the front and back of the car, then slowly drive the truck forward, pulling the car along with you. Be cautious around corners to avoid damaging the vehicle, and detach the tow strap or chain when you reach your destination.

Towing for Beginners

If you are a beginner at towing, ensure that you have the right equipment, including a vehicle capable of safely towing your trailer and a hitch properly rated for the weight of your trailer. Hitching up the trailer correctly is crucial. Once on the road, leave plenty of stopping distance, anticipate problems ahead, watch for trailer sway, and be extra careful when changing lanes.


Towing a car with a truck can be straightforward as long as you have the right equipment and take care to drive safely. Remember to put your car in neutral when towing, lift all four wheels off the ground for all-wheel-drive vehicles, and keep in mind specific precautions for beginners. With these tips, you can ensure a safe and effective tow.

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