How To Start a Trucking Business With Amazon

If you are looking for a flexible way to earn extra money and make a difference for Amazon customers, Amazon Flex is a great option. All you need is your vehicle, and you can start making deliveries for Amazon.

Reserve a time and make deliveries as much or as little as you want. You can be your boss and set your schedule, making it an ideal opportunity to help you reach your goals.


How Many Trucks Do You Need to Haul for Amazon?

As an Amazon Freight Partner, the number of trucks you receive will depend on the size of your business, the routes you operate, and customer demand, among other operational factors. While you can expect to receive 10-20 trucks from Amazon, it is essential to be flexible and adaptable when trucking for the company. Planning ensures you have the right number of trucks to meet your shipping needs.

How Much Can You Make Trucking for Amazon?

If you are considering becoming an Amazon trucker in California, the average annual pay for the Amazon Trucking jobs category is $46,454 as of May 24, 2022. This amounts to approximately $22.33 an hour, $893/week, or $3,871/month. Remember that these figures may vary based on experience level and location.

Does Amazon Use Freight Brokers?

While historically known as an online retailer, Amazon has expanded into the freight brokerage business. The company has launched a beta version of its freight brokerage platform in five states, allowing shippers to get instant quotes and match them with freight services. Given its size and resources, Amazon’s entry into this market is expected to make it a significant player.

What Are the Vehicle Requirements for Amazon Relay?

Amazon Relay is designed to streamline picking up and delivering Amazon shipments. Trucking companies must meet specific vehicle requirements, including GPS tracking devices and minimum insurance coverage for general commercial liability, auto, and cargo insurance, to participate. All trucks must also pass a safety inspection before being accepted into the program. Meeting these requirements ensures increased efficiency and reliability when transporting Amazon shipments.

How to Start a Delivery Business with Amazon DSP

Starting a delivery business is a great way to become an entrepreneur. Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program is an excellent option to explore. Here are some key points to remember as you consider joining this program.

Investment Cost for Amazon DSP

To become an Amazon DSP, you must make an initial investment of $10,000. This investment covers leasing vans, gas cards, insurance, training to manage your delivery vans, and access to Amazon’s Prime shipping network with discounted shipping rates. By investing in the program, you can start delivering packages as an Amazon DSP after completing the sign-up process.

Applying for Amazon DSP

If you’re interested in starting an Amazon DSP, the first step is to apply through Amazon’s website. Once approved, you’ll go through a sign-up process and pay the $10,000 investment fee. Then, you’ll be ready to deliver packages in your region as an Amazon DSP!

Amazon Flex Delivery Vehicles

Amazon Flex is a program where drivers can deliver packages for Amazon using their vehicles. Suppose you’re interested in signing up for Amazon Flex. In that case, you may wonder what vehicle type is necessary for deliveries. Any 4-door midsize sedan, SUV, or larger vehicle with a covered bed is sufficient. Additionally, your vehicle must have valid insurance and registration, and you must pass a background check.

Amazon’s Trucking Company

Amazon also has a trucking company called Amazon Freight Partners. Independent trucking companies move goods between Amazon facilities. The 85 owned or leased North American airplanes transport goods to and from these facilities. Amazon launched its Amazon Flex program in 2014, allowing individuals to deliver packages for the company using their vehicles.

In 2015, Amazon partnered with Convoy, a digital freight broker, to find trucking capacity on short notice. In 2018, Amazon purchased thousands of trailers and began leasing them to small businesses through its newly created Transportation Service Provider program. Finally, in 2019, the company announced it was building a network of air cargo hubs across the United States. Although Amazon’s foray into trucking is recent, the company has significantly impacted the industry.


Starting a trucking business with Amazon can be a lucrative venture. Still, it requires an initial investment and meeting program requirements. To become an Amazon DSP, you must invest $10,000, apply through the website, and have a vehicle that meets Amazon’s standards. Considering these factors, you’ll be ready to start your own delivery business as an Amazon DSP or join the Amazon Flex program.

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