How To Register A Car In Maine?

You must know the necessary forms and follow procedures to register a vehicle in Maine. The procedure may change significantly from county to county, but no need to worry as you’ve landed on the right place!

A valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and sometimes other papers may be requested. Also, you’ll be expected to fork over the required registration price and associated taxes. You can either visit a local registration office in most areas or use the DMV’s convenient online services to register your vehicle. If your vehicle is brand new or has recently been titled, you will also be required to have an emissions test performed. Last but not least, have a professional examine your vehicle.


Collect All Relevant Information

You can’t register your vehicle in the state of Maine without the proper paperwork. You’ll need your driver’s license, insurance information, and proof of ownership to proceed.

If you purchased the vehicle through a dealership, you can show proof of ownership by presenting the vehicle’s title or registration, while private-party purchasers need to have a bill of sale. A valid insurance card or policy can serve as proof of coverage. One form of identification may be a driver’s license, while another may be a passport or state ID.

Check the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website in Maine to see what paperwork you’ll need, and carry two kinds of identification just in case. Also, check to see that any necessary paperwork has been updated and is in order. It can be beneficial to prepare a list of all the documents you need and organize them in a folder or envelope.

Calculate All Costs

When buying or registering a car in Maine, you may be subject to various taxes and fees. Vehicle weight and age are two factors that affect the cost of registration. The vehicle purchase price is used to calculate sales tax.

Buying a car for $20,000 would result in a sales tax of $1,100 (5.5% of $20,000). In other words, you need to have the cash on hand to pay this sales tax when you make your purchase. A vehicle’s registration costs can be estimated by knowing its age and weight. A vehicle that is 5 years old, weighs 3,000 pounds, and costs $37 to register because of its age and weight. You’ll have to pay this charge when you register your car with the state. Taxes on specialty license plates, such as those issued to members of the armed forces or those bearing a personalized inscription, may be incurred. To a certain extent, these costs are determined by the specific license plate you select. Additional charges may be necessary for heavier cars.

Find Your County’s Driver’s License Office

Finding the nearest licensing office is essential if you’ve just relocated to Maine and need to register your vehicle. Thankfully, there are multiple offices conveniently situated in various parts of Maine. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you by searching the website or visiting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

Once you’ve located the nearest office, be sure to bring your completed vehicle registration form, proof of insurance, and a government-issued photo ID. The office’s hours of operation are something you should research in advance of your visit. You can then organize your visit to the office around its availability.

Don’t waste time and gas by making a second journey. Double-check that you have all the necessary paperwork and money.

Please Finish Signing Up

The first step in the automobile registration process in Maine is filling out the application form. You can get this form from the Secretary of State’s website. Provide the vehicle identification number (VIN), manufacturer, and your car’s purchase date. In addition, legal documentation proving your ownership (such as a bill of sale or title) will be required.

After filling out the application, you must submit it to the local BMV office. Your insurance card and driver’s license will be required there. Your vehicle must pass a safety inspection performed by the BMV to ensure it is road-worthy and legal in Maine.

Payment of registration fees, which change with each vehicle type, follows the inspection. If you plan to drive the vehicle before the registration is finalized, you’ll also need to get temporary tags. Your new registration sticker and license plates will be mailed to you once you have paid the fees and received the temporary tags. The length of your membership is a whole year.

That wraps up the essentials of Maine vehicle registration. Not a difficult procedure, but one that needs to be followed correctly. Start with a trip to the DMV to fill out the necessary forms. After that, you’ll need to hand them some cash and pick up some plates. After that, if your automobile is old enough, you’ll need to take it in for an emissions inspection. The last step is to acquire auto insurance. A properly registered and insured vehicle is a safer vehicle to drive, so be sure to follow all of these steps. Remember that properly registering your vehicle is crucial. Have fun!

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