How To Measure Truck Bed

Truck beds come in different sizes. It is essential to identify the size of your truck bed to determine how much cargo it can transport, the right truck bed cover or liner to use, and understand its capabilities. This guide provides tips on measuring and identifying the size of your truck bed.


Measuring Your Truck Bed

To measure your truck bed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your measuring tape at the bulkhead, the wall between the cab and the bed.
  2. Extend the tape to the inside edge of the top of your tailgate. Make sure to measure along the bed rail for an accurate reading.
  3. Finally, divide the number of inches by 12 to convert it to feet.

Identifying Truck Bed Size by VIN

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-digit code uniquely identifying your vehicle. The VIN can be used to get a build sheet for your vehicle, a printout of how the car is equipped, including engine size, transmission, bed size, interior specifications, and even factory options. Just ask your dealer for a build sheet, and they’ll be able to tell you the size of your truck bed.

How Long is a 6-foot Truck Bed?

A 6-foot truck bed is shy of six and a half feet long. This size truck bed is perfect for those who need to transport large items but don’t necessarily need a full-size truck. The bed size is also ideal for those who want to save on fuel costs. There are two main types of 6-foot truck beds: the Flareside and the Styleside.

Determining Long Bed or Short Bed

To determine if your truck is a long or short bed, you can look at the length of the truck’s bed, the truck’s cab, or the size of the wheels. Typically, a long bed is 8 feet long, a standard bed is 6 feet 5 inches long, and a short bed is roughly 5 feet 8 inches long.

Truck Bed Sizes for Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado 1500 has three-bed size options to suit your needs. The short bed is perfect for those needing extra space without sacrificing maneuverability. In contrast, the standard bed is ideal for hauling larger payloads. The crew cab model comes with a spacious 6-foot-7-inch bed for those who need versatility.

Variation in Truck Bed Width

The width of a pickup truck bed can vary significantly from one model to the next. The longer the truck bed, the wider it will be. However, some short-bed models are just as wide as their long-bed counterparts. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider the width of the bed when choosing a pickup truck.

Trucks with 6.5-foot Beds

The Ford F-150 Lariat Supercrew and the Ford F-150 Supercrew XLT are two trucks that have 6.5-foot beds and are the same length overall. The Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat is a bit longer overall but has an 8-foot bed. So if you need a truck with a 6.5-foot bed, your best bet is either the Ford F-150 Lariat Supercrew or the Ford F-150 Supercrew XLT.


Measuring and identifying the size of your truck bed is a necessary process that can help you determine how much cargo you can transport, choose the right truck bed cover or liner, and understand your vehicle’s capabilities. Use this comprehensive guide to help you measure and identify the size of your truck bed.

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