How To Install Truck Tool Box

Adding extra storage to your truck is easy when you install a truck toolbox. Here are some tips on how to install a truck toolbox:


Choose the Right Location for Your Toolbox

When installing a truck toolbox, choosing the right location is crucial. Consider factors such as ease of access and weight distribution. You want to ensure the toolbox is evenly balanced in the bed of your truck.

Mark the Location of the Mounting Brackets

Mark the location of the mounting brackets on the truck bed. Use these markings to drill holes for the bolts that will secure the toolbox to the truck.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Install the toolbox according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to use all of the hardware provided. This ensures that the toolbox is secured safely and effectively.

Test Your New Toolbox

Test out your new toolbox to make sure everything is working correctly. You should now have extra storage for all of your truck-related gear!

How to Install a Truck Toolbox Without Drilling

Installing a truck toolbox without drilling is not as difficult as it may seem. With a few simple steps, you can have your new toolbox installed and ready to use in no time.

  • Take Out the Rubber Plugs

First, take out the rubber plugs from the holes.

  • Set the Toolbox Inside the Bed

Next, set the toolbox inside the bed, lining up the pre-drilled holes with the holes in your truck bed.

  • Secure the Toolbox

Secure the box into place with J-hooks or regular nuts and bolts.

  • Tighten the Bolts

Finally, tighten the bolts until they’re secure.

Do You Need to Bolt Down a Truck Toolbox?

The answer depends on the type of toolbox you have. If you have a plastic toolbox, it is unnecessary to bolt it down. However, if you have a metal toolbox, it is advisable to bolt it down. This is because metal toolboxes are heavier than plastic ones and more likely to tip over if not bolted down. In addition, bolts will help keep your toolbox from sliding around in the bed of your truck. So, if you have a metal toolbox, bolt it down.

How to Strap Down a Tool Box

If you’re wondering how to strap down a toolbox, you can use several methods. One option is to use ratchet straps. Loop the straps around the toolbox and secure them in place. Another option is to use bungee cords. Thread the bungee cord through the handles of the toolbox and hook it onto something in the truck’s bed. Use enough straps or ropes to keep the toolbox securely in place.

How to Mount a Flatbed Toolbox

Consider mounting a flatbed toolbox if you want to add extra storage to your truck. This type of toolbox is designed to sit on the flatbed of your car and can be easily mounted using brackets. Once the toolbox is in place, you can store anything from tools to camping gear. With a flatbed toolbox, you’ll have easy access to all your gear while on the go.

How to Remove a Truck Toolbox

The process is relatively simple if you need to remove your truck toolbox for any reason.

  • Remove the Bolts

First, remove the bolts holding the toolbox in place.

  • Lift the Toolbox

Next, lift the toolbox out of the bed of your truck.

  • Remove the Brackets

Finally, remove the brackets that were used to mount the toolbox.

You can easily remove your truck toolbox whenever needed with a few simple steps.

How to Mount a Side Mount Tool Box on Your Truck

A side mount toolbox provides easy access to your gear and is ideal for trucks with a tonneau cover or camper shell. However, mounting this type of toolbox requires a different approach than a standard bed-mounted toolbox.

Determining the Mounting Location and Securing the Toolbox

To mount a side-mount toolbox on your truck:

  1. Determine where you want to mount it.
  2. Use bolts to secure the toolbox in place, making sure to use the appropriate size for your particular toolbox.
  3. Use a drill to create pilot holes for the bolts.

Are Truck Tool Boxes Universal?

Truck toolboxes come in different shapes and sizes, but some generalizations can still be made about them. Most models are designed to either fit full-size trucks or smaller ones. Therefore, choosing the suitable model for your vehicle is crucial to ensure a perfect fit.

Choosing the Right Size Tool Box for Your Truck

To measure your truck for a toolbox:

  1. Take the bed measurements by measuring the bed’s length, width, and height.
  2. Use these numbers to choose a toolbox that will fit snugly in the bed.
  3. Make sure that the toolbox you choose is manageable for the bed of your truck. If you need help deciding which size to choose, consult a professional.


Installing a toolbox on your truck is a great way to add extra storage space. When choosing a toolbox, remember to consider the type and size of the toolbox. Ensure you measure your truck’s bed before purchasing to guarantee a perfect fit. Following these simple tips, you can easily find and install the ideal toolbox for your car.

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