How To Install Inverter In Truck

If you’re considering installing an inverter in your truck, there are a few things you need to consider. In this article, we’ll provide tips on successfully installing an inverter in your vehicle.


How Can An Inverter Help Your Truck?

An inverter helps your truck by providing power to devices that require it. It is beneficial for running small appliances or charging a phone, which usually requires an AC outlet. Using an inverter, you can use your truck’s battery to power devices like laptops and TVs.

What Size Inverter is Appropriate for Your Truck?

It is crucial to choose the right size inverter for your truck. Inverters that are too large can cause significant damage to your truck’s electrical system. We recommend using only 2500-watt inverters and below for your truck or large vehicle. By following this advice, you can ensure that your truck can safely handle your devices’ power demands.

Can You Install an Inverter Yourself?

The installation process for inverters varies depending on the type. Standalone inverters are typically used for small loads like lights and fans. In contrast, central inverters like air conditioners and refrigerators are used for heavy loads.

While installing a standalone inverter is a relatively easy task, central inverters require professional help. However, if you’re confident about your electrical skills, you can follow the user manual to install a standalone inverter. It’s essential to choose a suitable location that is dry and well-ventilated for mounting the inverter, connect the battery using heavy-gauge wires, mount the inverter in the selected area, and connect the appliances you want to power.

Where to Mount the Inverter in Your Truck?

You can mount the inverter in any location that is dry and well-ventilated. Many people mount it under the seat or in the truck’s trunk. Choosing a place where the inverter will be out of the way and not in danger of being damaged is essential.

Can You Hook Up Inverter to Alternator?

While it is possible to hook an inverter to an alternator to charge batteries, it is not recommended. The alternator can be damaged if the house batteries are dead and a load is attempted to be powered up before the batteries are charged back up. Charging batteries with solar power, shore power, or a generator is best.

What is the Cost of Installing an Inverter in a Truck?

The cost of installing an inverter in a truck is relatively inexpensive. The most basic setup, including an AC inverter, costs about $450. However, for a more upscale design with an auxiliary battery and isolator relay, the cost increases to about $700. The installation process requires only a drill and hand tools and takes a few hours to complete.


Installing an inverter in your truck can be an excellent way to increase its power and capabilities without breaking the bank. Following the tips above, you can install an inverter in your vehicle safely and successfully.

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