How To Become A Monster Truck Driver

To become a monster truck driver, one must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Passing an exam covering road skills and driving safety is required to get a CDL. Most drivers begin their careers by working for a trucking company.

Still, some choose independent contractors, owning and maintaining their trucks. Regardless of the route, monster truck drivers must have excellent driving skills, know the trucking industry, and be organized and efficient to keep the truck running smoothly.


Earning Potential

Monster truck driving can be lucrative, with top earners bringing in $283,332 annually. The average salary for a monster truck driver is $50,915. Like any job, earnings are dependent on experience and skill level. With the proper training and luck, drivers can earn six figures quickly. Knowing the earning potential makes it an appealing career option for those looking for a high-paying job with many perks.

Getting Started in Monster Trucking

The best way to start a career in monster trucking is to work for a trucking company, beginning as a trucker, then moving up the ranks to become a monster truck driver. Online job boards and direct company contacts are excellent resources for finding a job. After securing a position, one can start practicing with a monster truck and work up to becoming a driver.

Driving a Monster Truck: Not for the Faint of Heart

Monster trucks are a uniquely American form of motorsport that has gained popularity since the 1980s. It is now a major sport with large audiences and substantial prize money. However, driving a monster truck is challenging and so complex that Monster Jam University was established to teach individuals how to do it.

At Monster Jam University, students are taught everything from basic car control to executing a backflip correctly in a monster truck. The school also offers crash courses for those who want to get behind the wheel of a monster truck quickly. After completing the program, students can test their skills in front of a live audience at one of Monster Jam’s arena shows.

Becoming a monster truck driver requires dedication, skill, and a willingness to learn. It can be a fulfilling and rewarding career with the proper training and luck. However, it is essential to remember that driving a monster truck is not for the faint of heart.

Dennis Anderson: The Highest-Paid Monster Truck Driver in the World

Dennis Anderson is the highest-paid monster truck driver in the world. He began racing in the early 1980s and quickly made a name for himself with his aggressive driving style. Anderson won his first Monster Jam World Finals in 2004 and has since won four more championships. His success has made him one of the most popular drivers on the circuit, and his sponsorship deals and appearance fees have made him a very wealthy man. In addition to his monster truck career, Anderson owns and operates a successful dirt bike racing team. His net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

How Much Does a Real Monster Truck Cost?

Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed trucks that weigh a minimum of 10,000 pounds. Equipped with shocks that allow them to jump up to 30 feet in the air and crush cars underneath their massive tires, these trucks cost an average of $250,000. Creating a track and jumps at the arenas and stadiums hosting Monster Jam takes a crew of about 18 to 20 hours over three days. While the initial investment may be high, Monster Jam trucks offer a unique entertainment form that will thrill audiences of all ages.

Is it Worth it to Own a Monster Truck?

While monster trucks are a lot of fun and a major investment, if you’re considering buying a truck, you need to consider the cost of the truck, the cost of gas, and the cost of maintenance. You must also factor in the time it takes to build and maintain a track. Finally, it would help if you considered whether you’re prepared to deal with the inevitable crashes.

Despite their massive size, monster trucks are still vulnerable to mechanical problems and accidents. In 2017, several drivers were injured when their trucks flipped over during jumps. So, while owning a monster truck can be a lot of fun, you must ensure you’re prepared for the investment; otherwise, you might be in a situation you can’t handle.


Becoming a monster truck driver is a challenging feat. It requires years of training, practice, and a willingness to take risks. But it can be a gratifying career for those up for the challenge. Suppose you have passion and determination. In that case, you could one day find yourself behind the wheel of a massive truck, entertaining crowds of cheering fans.

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