How Much Does Amazon Relay Pay Box Truck Owners? A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a truck owner or operator, you might have wondered, “How much does Amazon Relay pay box truck owners?” Amazon Relay is a freight transportation management system that fleet managers, carriers, and truckers can use to increase their business in collaboration with the eCommerce giant Amazon. This article will delve into the details of Amazon Relay, its benefits, requirements, and potential earnings.


Understanding Amazon Relay

Amazon Relay is a program designed by Amazon to meet its growing transport demands. The eCommerce giant experienced a profit surge during the Covid-19 pandemic, which increased the need for transport capacity. Amazon Relay allows trucking companies and freight brokers to tap into Amazon’s growth, expand their businesses, and increase their revenues.

Amazon Relay is a platform that simplifies the truck delivery process by eliminating phone calls and paperwork. Everything truck owners and drivers need is available on the Relay app. The app helps carriers have full work weeks by offering short-term contracts per load, increasing and planning their revenue on an ad hoc basis, posting the availability of an idle truck so Relay can book loads, and reviewing what loads are available so they can instantly book work.

Amazon Relay’s Service Level Expectations

Amazon Relay has high service expectations. All carriers must ensure that they meet the highest performance and safety levels. The complete performance expectations can be accessed via the Amazon Relay Carrier Terms of Service when your application is accepted, and you are onboarded. In short, you need to comply with all Amazon Relay’s insurance, Department of Transportation (DOT), and safety requirements, consistently accept loads, complete load booking, pick up, and delivery via the Amazon Relay technology, and complete each load by delivering it on-time so Amazon can fulfill their customer promise.

How Carriers Use Amazon Relay

Carriers use Amazon Relay to manage the loads from Amazon. This allows carriers to earn more revenue, manage their loads, pick up a load when they have an empty truck or extra space, and eliminate downtime. Carriers sign up to the Amazon Relay portal, view the Load Board onto which Amazon sellers post available loads, and then search for a load that fits their truck, current route, and other criteria.

Amazon Relay Requirements

You must meet some requirements to haul a load for Amazon Relay. These include having a valid Motor Carrier (MC) number, an active DOT or USDot number, an FMCSA Safety Rating, and good Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASIC) scores. You must also meet specific insurance requirements, including minimum cargo coverage of $100,000, minimum Commercial General Liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence, minimum auto liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence, and minimum employer liability of $100,000 per occurrence or incident.

Amazon Relay and Equipment Types

Amazon Relay works with various types of trucks and equipment. These include trailers such as Reefer, 53’ Dry Van, and 28’ Trailer, and tractors like Sleeper Cab, Day cab, and 26’ box truck or a straight truck with minimum internal dimensions (L x W x H) of 26’ x 8’ x 8’ and a truck-under lift gate.

Short-Term Amazon Trucking Contracts

Amazon Relay offers short-term trucking contracts that fill the gap between long-term contracts and spot work. These contracts can be taken now, weeks, or months into the future. Every contract has an entire week of work. Your payout is guaranteed as long as you don’t cancel or reject the contract.

How Much Does Amazon Relay Pay?

The payment per load from Amazon Relay depends on various factors like the route, distance, weight of the load, etc. In general, Amazon Relay pays $1.21 to $3.09 per mile. However, the specific earnings for box truck owners can vary based on these factors and the frequency of loads they haul.

Potential Earnings with Amazon Relay

According to Zip Recruiter, when you regularly pick up loads for Amazon Relay, you can make an average of $63,000 per annum. That’s an hourly rate of just more than $30, weekly earnings of $1,210, and a monthly salary of $5,246. On the low end, you can earn $24,000; on the high end, you can earn $101,000. However, most drivers earn between $47,500 and $78,000 per year.

Payment Schedule for Amazon Relay Loads

The turnaround time for getting paid once you have fulfilled a delivery is seven to fourteen days. Typically, you’ll be paid on a Friday for all completed loads before 23:59 on the previous Saturday.


Amazon Relay offers a significant opportunity for box truck owners to grow their businesses, maximize revenue, and enjoy consistent work. By meeting Amazon Relay’s requirements, applying to join Relay, getting accepted, finding a suitable and available load to haul, booking the load, carrying out the job, and getting paid, truck owners can streamline their business operations. The app automates the process and takes care of everything for you. You just need to show up, pick up the load, and deliver it. Happy trucking!

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