How Much Do Truck Drivers Make in Ohio?

If you’re curious about how much truck drivers make in Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. The average salary for a truck driver in Ohio is $70118 annually. This salary can vary depending on experience, employer, and location. Truck drivers in Ohio typically earn more than the national average, which is $64,291 per year.

With experience, truck drivers can earn up to $84,000 per year. The most experienced and skilled truck drivers can make over $100,000 per year. In addition to salary, truck drivers in Ohio also receive benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans. Some employers also offer bonuses and other incentives.

How Much Does a CDL Driver Make in Ohio?

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required to operate a tractor-trailer, bus, or another large vehicle. Truck drivers transport goods across the country and earn an average salary of $72,753 annually in Ohio. The median salary is $74,843. 45% of truck drivers are paid hourly, while the remainder is salaried.

The lowest 10 percent of earners make less than $31,580 annually, while the highest 10 percent make more than $93,570 per year. Most truck drivers work full time, and many must travel long distances from home for weeks or months at a time. CDL holders are in high demand and the job outlook for truck drivers is positive. The median salary for a CDL truck driver is $74,843 per year in Ohio. The average base salary for a CDL truck driver is $72,753 per year in Ohio.

How Much Do Semi-truck Drivers Make in Ohio?

The average salary for a semi-truck driver in Ohio is $196,667 per year, or $3,782 per week. The top earners in the state make $351,979 per year, or $6,768 per week. The 75th percentile makes $305,293 per year or $5,871 per week. The 25th percentile makes $134,109 per year or $2,579 per week.

Semi-truck drivers in Ohio are paid relatively well compared to truck drivers in other states. However, there is a wide range of salaries, with the top earners making more than double what the lowest earners make. The best way to increase your earnings as a semi-truck driver is to build up your experience and qualifications.

Can Truckers Make Good Money?

While the average truck driver pay per mile is not as high as some other professions, making a good living as a trucker is still possible. Most drivers complete between 2,000 and 3,000 miles per week, which translates into average weekly pay ranging from $560 to $1,200.

The average weekly pay for truck drivers in Ohio is $560, which is lower than the national average. The best-paying cities for truck drivers in Ohio are Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati. If you drove all 52 weeks in a year at those rates, you would earn between $29,120 and $62,400. Of course, there are also other factors to consider, such as the cost of fuel and maintenance for your truck. However, if you are careful with your expenses and plan your routes efficiently, you can make a good living as a truck driver.

What State Pays Truck Drivers the Most?

Truck driving is a tough job. It’s a job that requires long hours on the road, often in difficult weather conditions. But it’s also a job that can be very rewarding. And, in some states, it can be very lucrative. According to a recent study, the five states that pay truck drivers the most are Alaska, the District of Columbia, New York, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

In these states, the average annual salary for truck drivers is over $54,000. That’s significantly more than the national average of just over $41,000. If you’re looking for a high-paying truck driving job, one of these states may be the place to start your search.

What Trucking Company Pays the Most per Mile?

Sysco, Walmart, Epes Transport, and Acme Truck Line are the four best-paying trucking companies in the United States. Sysco pays its drivers an average of $87,204 per year, while Walmart pays its drivers an average of $86,000 per year. Epes Transport pays its drivers an average of $83,921 per year, and Acme Truck Line pays its drivers an average of $82,892 per year. All four of these companies offer their drivers competitive salaries and benefits packages.

Additionally, all four companies have excellent safety records and are committed to providing their drivers with the best possible working conditions. If you are looking for a trucking company that will pay you a top salary, then you should definitely consider one of these four companies.

How Do I Get My CDL License in Ohio?

A CDL or “commercial driver’s license” is required to operate a commercial vehicle in the United States. To get your CDL, you must pass a written exam and a skills test. The written exam covers topics such as road signs, traffic laws, and weight limits. The skills test includes a pre-trip inspection, backing up, and coupling and uncoupling trailers.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, then you will need to get your CDL license. Enrolling in a truck driving school is the best way to do this. Truck driving schools will provide you with the training you need to pass the written exam and the skills test. Once you have your CDL, you can start looking for truck driving jobs in Ohio.


Truck driving is a great way to see the country and earn a good living. If you are considering becoming a truck driver, you should consider getting your CDL license. With a CDL license, you will be able to apply for truck driving jobs in Ohio and other states. You can also expect to earn a good salary, especially if you are willing to work long hours.

So, if you are looking for a new career, why not become a truck driver? It’s a great way to see the country and make a good living.

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