Get the Job Done Right With a Kenworth Dump Truck

If you’re considering purchasing a reliable dump truck for your business, Kenworth dump trucks should be at the top of your list. Kenworth is one of the industry’s leading brands, known for superior performance, air ride suspensions, and sturdy construction. These vehicles are used in various applications, from landscaping to heavy construction, providing quick and efficient transportation of multiple materials while streamlining the process on a larger scale. Many businesses choose Kenworth for their dependable dump trucks, as they offer models with improved performance that can efficiently support their operations.


Range of Sizes

There is no substitute for a Kenworth dump truck for haulage and construction projects. The vehicles come in various sizes to accommodate different needs, from small amounts of gravel and dirt to heavy-duty hauling capabilities. Choosing the appropriate-sized Kenworth dump truck for your requirements is crucial to maximize its use and ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Consulting with an expert is vital to picking the best truck for your needs.


On average, Kenworth dump trucks carry heavy materials ranging from 10 to 14 cubic yards, allowing them to haul up to nine tons of supplies. Kenworth can handle that much weight thanks to its robust and reliable diesel engine that lets it run smoothly and efficiently over long distances.

It’s also essential to consider the weight and legal limits of a Kenworth dump truck before starting your operation. These potentially overlooked factors are essential when selecting the right truck for the specific job. As many large materials can vary drastically in weight, it’s important to be aware of a truck’s load capacity to ensure it’s manageable.

More importantly, it’s critical to strictly adhere to safety laws regarding what cargo can be transported with a particular-size truck. Doing so helps ensure that you remain safe and that your freight business complies with local regulations. Considering all these variables will help maximize efficiency and limit potential hazards from neglecting appropriate haulage protocol.

Weight of Material Being Transported

To ensure that Kenworth can safely transport the maximum load without overloading, it’s essential to determine the weight per cubic yard of material before filling the truck. The Kenworth dump truck can transport light and heavy materials, including mulch and crushed stone gravel, thanks to its features like adjustable brake settings, an intelligent transmission with pressure-adjustable clutching, and a superior engine.

However, the weight per cubic yard will vary greatly depending on the type of material being transported. For instance, gravel will weigh much less than dirt or concrete, which should be considered when determining how much can safely be loaded onto the truck. The material’s weight also influences loading capabilities, as too much weight could lead to decreased performance or even damage to the truck. On average, Kenworth dump trucks can transport up to 3000 pounds per cubic yard.

Models of Kenworth Dump Trucks

Kenworth dump trucks are available in three models with unique features to cater to your business’s needs. These models are:

Kenworth T800 Dump Truck

Kenworth’s T800 model combines traditional and modern technology. Its double-wall bed provides the strength and durability required for the most challenging jobs. The 18-speed transmission ensures optimal control, enabling the driver to shift gears quickly for enhanced stability and safety. The user experience is also improved by distinctive features such as an electronic shift interface that reduces driver fatigue. The T800 is a reliable and high-performing dump truck model with these advanced technologies and superior construction materials.

Kenworth T880 Dump Truck

Kenworth’s T880 model is a standout commercial truck with exceptional power and strength, making it a highly productive vehicle capable of tackling any task. Its visually appealing exterior features large dual-side mirrors, a lightweight aluminum cab, and a panoramic windshield, making it an ideal choice for navigating highways and steep grades. With its combination of style and performance, the T880 is poised to remain a popular choice in the transportation industry for years.

Kenworth T400 Dump Truck

The Kenworth T400 is a powerful machine designed for heavy load hauling and rough terrain driving, thanks to PACCAR’s PX-9 engine that delivers 370 horsepower. This dynamic truck is valuable in road train applications or mining projects, enabling drivers and crews to complete tasks efficiently. With its robust design and capability to handle varying terrains, the T400 can easily tackle even the most demanding jobs.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right Kenworth dump truck for your business requires careful consideration of its various features, from power and performance to loading capacity and compliance with state safety weight limits. By thoroughly researching each option, you can find the perfect dump truck model that meets your business needs.

Kenworth’s dump truck models, including the T800, T880, and T400, offer advanced technologies and superior construction materials, ensuring they can easily navigate highways or take on rugged terrain driving projects. Invest time exploring each model to make an informed decision that will benefit your business in the long run.



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