Get the Best Deals on Your Next Road Trip With These AAA Discounts

Planning a road trip can be a fun experience, but it can also be expensive. Fortunately, U-Haul and AAA offer their members a range of discounts on car rentals, making your relocation more straightforward and cost-effective. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of these discounts and get the best deal possible.


Use AAA Membership for U-Haul Discounts

U-Haul has partnered with AAA to offer discounts on their daily rental services. AAA members can enjoy a 10% discount on any daily rental reservation by presenting their membership card when booking. With this discount, you can save significant amounts on your moving and storage needs without sacrificing quality and convenience.

Sometimes, the AAA discount is only granted expressly when renting a U-Haul. However, clients may be able to inquire with particular establishments and obtain minimum promo codes and deals if they contact the store manager.

Take Advantage of Other U-Haul Discounts

With various discount offers, U-Haul customers can easily save money on their moving and storage needs. Customers moving within the same city can find great deals with rates starting at $20 on in-city moves. And for those needing greater flexibility, U-Haul offers 31 days of free storage when selecting a truck or trailer rental. Additionally, shoppers can save even more on their orders by taking advantage of the company’s offer of free shipping on orders over $100, available to all U-Haul customers – not just AAA members.

Find U-Haul Promo Codes

To learn more about the additional discounts and promo codes that U-Haul provides for its customers, you can visit the “Discounts” section on the company’s website. This section offers a comprehensive list of current promotions and coupon codes, allowing shoppers to get the best value for their dollar. Alternatively, you can search online for U-Haul coupons or contact customer support directly through their website or by telephone for helpful guidance on getting the most excellent bargain possible for your money.

Use AAA Membership for Car Rental Discounts

When finding great deals on car rentals, AAA Membership can be a real lifesaver. You can take advantage of exclusive discounts simply by visiting the offers page on their website to find the AAA club discount code for the rental car company you want to use. When choosing a rental car business, search for the AAA club discount code to take advantage of the special rates many companies offer to AAA members.

Make sure to present your membership card to the attendant before finalizing your rental payment to unlock any further discounts or benefits that would otherwise be unavailable. Providing your AAA membership card at the time of purchase ensures you’ll receive an additional 10% discount.

Benefits of Both Memberships

Customers can save money using U-Haul or AAA membership because both provide extraordinary savings to their members. U-Haul is an established leader in the moving industry, providing quality services at great value for customers. Meanwhile, AAA offers members great discounts on car rentals and other services, allowing travelers to enjoy the highest quality of service without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

U-Haul and AAA are great membership programs providing unbeatable service discounts. Whether moving or traveling, these two companies have everything you need to get the job done at a reasonable price. By taking advantage of U-Haul’s free shipping for orders over $100, exclusive online promo codes, and AAA’s excellent discount on car rentals and other services, customers can get the best deal possible without compromising quality service from trusted providers. So if you’re looking for an easy move with plenty of savings, consider using U-Haul and take full advantage of its discount deals and promo codes.



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