Do U-haul Trucks Have Tracking Devices?

If you rent a U-Haul truck, you may wonder if a tracking device is installed. Knowing the location of your vehicle, especially if it’s carrying valuable items, would be helpful. This post explores U-Haul’s tracking policies and what to do if you suspect your truck is being tracked.


U-Haul’s Tracking Device Policy

U-Haul does not currently install tracking devices on their rental trucks, except for GPS systems, which are available for an additional fee. If you’re concerned about your truck’s location, upgrading to the GPS system is best. Otherwise, you’ll have to trust that your vehicle will safely reach its destination.

How to Tell If Your Truck Has a Tracker on It?

There are a few ways to identify if your truck is being tracked:

  1. Check for any unusual magnets or metal objects attached to the underside of your vehicle, as monitoring devices usually contain strong magnets that allow them to be connected to a metal surface. If you see anything suspicious, remove it and take a closer look.
  2. Listen for any strange noises from the engine compartment, as tracking devices often emit a faint beeping noise that can be heard when the engine is running.
  3. Check your truck’s GPS for any unusual activity.

If you notice that your vehicle is suddenly being tracked by a new satellite, someone has likely installed a tracking device. Taking action immediately is essential if you suspect your truck is being tracked. Remove the tracker and notify the authorities.

Can Your Truck Be Tracked?

If your car was manufactured after 2010, it likely uses cellular and GPS connectivity to communicate with your car manufacturer. This tracking technology has several benefits for both drivers and carmakers. For drivers, the most noticeable advantage is an updated navigation system. This system can provide accurate and real-time directions to any destination.

In addition, the system can also offer information about traffic conditions, weather, and even nearby gas stations. For carmakers, the tracking data can be used to improve the safety and durability of their vehicles. The data can also identify manufacturing process issues and help prevent future problems. Overall, tracking technologies have a positive impact on both drivers and carmakers.

Theft of U-Haul Trucks

Unfortunately, U-Haul trucks are more frequently stolen than any other type of vehicle. The most common type of theft is “joyriding,” where someone steals a truck to take it for a joyride and then abandons it. Another type of theft is “chop shops,” where thieves steal and disassemble a truck for parts to sell. To prevent your vehicle from being stolen, park it in a well-lit and secure area, always lock the doors and set the alarm, and consider investing in a GPS tracking system. This will allow you to track your truck’s location in real-time, making it much easier to recover if stolen.

Consequences of Stealing a U-Haul Truck

Stealing a U-Haul truck is a serious crime that can lead to severe penalties. If you’re caught joyriding, you could face a misdemeanor charge and up to one year in jail. If caught chop shopping, you could face a felony charge and up to five years in prison. In addition, if your truck is stolen and used in the commission of a crime, you could be charged as an accessory.

How to Disable GPS Tracking on Your Truck

If you’re concerned about someone tracking your truck, there are several ways to disable the GPS tracking system. Here are a few options:

Removing the Tracker

One option is to remove the tracker from the underside of your vehicle. This will prevent the tracker from receiving any signal and render it useless.

Blocking the Signal

Another option is to block the tracker’s signal by wrapping it in aluminum foil. This will create a barrier preventing the tracker from transmitting any data.

Removing the Batteries

Finally, you can remove the batteries from the tracker. This will disable the device completely and prevent it from working.

Note: Disabling the GPS tracking system will not stop someone from physically stealing your truck. If you’re concerned about theft, taking precautions and parking your vehicle in a well-lit, secure area is essential.

Detecting a GPS Tracker with an App

If you suspect that someone has placed a GPS tracker on your truck, a few different apps can help detect it. These apps work by scanning for devices that are transmitting a signal. Once the app detects a tracker, it will alert you so you can take action.

One popular tracker detection app is “GPS Tracker Detector,” which is available for iPhone and Android devices. It’s a free app that’s easy to use and offers many features.

Another option is “Tracker Detect,” also available for iPhone and Android devices. This is a paid app that costs $0.99. Still, it offers a few additional features, such as tracking multiple devices simultaneously.

Note: Some GPS trackers are designed to be undetectable, so it’s essential to take precautions and park your truck in a well-lit and secure area.


Tracking devices can help locate a stolen vehicle, but there are ways to disable them. To help prevent theft, parking your truck in a well-lit and secure area is essential. This will make it more visible to passersby and less likely to be stolen.

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