2010 Ford F150 Towing Capacity Guide

You’re in the right place if you own a 2010 Ford F150 and are curious about its towing capabilities. This article comprehensively analyses towing capacities, packages, and configurations based on the 2010 Ford F150 Owner’s Manual and Trailer Towing Guide Brochure.

The maximum trailer towing capacity for automatic transmission trucks ranges from 5,100 to 11,300 lbs. However, to accommodate these weights, you’ll need the Heavy Duty Towing Package, Trailer Tow Package, or Max Trailer Tow Package. Without these packages, your trailer should not exceed 5,000 lbs.

Ford recommends that the tongue weight for any towing should be no more than 10% of the trailer weight. This means that without a weight distributing hitch, the tongue weight should not exceed 500 lbs.

Always consult your manual or contact your local dealer to confirm the appropriate towing capacity and necessary equipment for your specific vehicle.

Engine Cab Size Bed Size Axle Ratio Towing Capacity (lbs) GCWR (lbs)
4.2 L 2V V8 Regular Cab 6.5 ft 3.55 5400 10400
4.2 L 2V V8 Regular Cab 6.5 ft 3.73 5900 10900
4.6 L 3V V8 SuperCab 6.5 ft 3.31 8100 13500
4.6 L 3V V8 SuperCab 6.5 ft 3.55 9500 14900
5.4 L 3V V8 SuperCrew 5.5 ft 3.15 8500 14000
5.4 L 3V V8 SuperCrew 5.5 ft 3.55 9800 15300


1. Trims

The 2010 Ford F150 series offers 8 trim levels, each with different options and cosmetic additions:

  • XL
  • XLT
  • FX4
  • Lariat
  • King Ranch
  • Platinum
  • STX
  • Harley-Davidson

2. Cab and Bed Sizes

The 2010 F150 is available in three cab types: regular/standard, SuperCab, and SuperCrew.

The regular cab features a single row of seating, while both the SuperCab and SuperCrew can accommodate two rows of passengers. The SuperCab is smaller than the SuperCrew in terms of length, rear-seat space, and rear door sizes.

There are three primary bed sizes for the 2010 F150: short (5.5 ft), standard (6.5 ft), and long (8 ft). Not all bed sizes are available with every cab size or trim level.

3. Packages

Ford specifies that the maximum trailer capacity of 5,000 lbs should not be exceeded unless you have one of the following packages:

Heavy-Duty Payload Package (Code 627)

  • 17-inch high-capacity steel wheels
  • Heavy-duty shock absorbers and frame
  • Upgraded springs and radiator
  • 3.73 axle ratio

This package is only available in XL and XLT Regular and SuperCab models with an 8 ft bed and a 5.4 L engine. It also requires the Max Trailer Tow Package.

Trailer Tow Package (Code 535)

  • 7-wire harness
  • 4/7-pin connector
  • Hitch receiver
  • Trailer Brake Controller

Max Trailer Tow Package (53M)

Drive Cab Type Bed Size Package Axle Ratio Towing Capacity (lbs) Towing Capacity (kg) GCWR (lbs) GCWR (kg)
4×2 SuperCrew 5 ft Max Trailer Tow Package (53M) 3.55 9500 4309 14800 6713
4×4 SuperCrew 6.5 ft 3.73 11300 5126 16700 7575
4×4 SuperCrew 6.5 ft 3.31 7900 3583 14000 6350
4×4 SuperCrew 6.5 ft 3.55/3.73 9300 4218 15000 6804
4×4 Heavy Duty SuperCrew 6.5 ft Max Trailer Tow Package 3.73 11100 5035 16900 7666


Understanding the towing capacity of your 2010 Ford F150 is crucial to safely and efficiently transport heavy loads. The information provided in this article should help you make informed decisions about your truck’s capabilities. Always consult your owner’s manual or contact your local dealer for specific details and recommendations.

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